We use steam to clean your carpet effectively. We have many years experience cleaning carpets and rugs for businesses in Dallas, TX

Carpet Maintenance for your Business

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The appearance of your commercial business is something that every firm wants to manage, and keep the upper hand on providing a great first impression on clients and potential customers. To maintain a great looking carpet a business owner needs to perform regular scheduled carpet cleanings. We can arrange one of our professionally trained steam cleaning crews to clean your carpets and keep them lasting and looking better longer. We also are able to use encapsulation carpet cleaning technology for businesses that have limited drying times.

Steam Cleaning

The most suggested cleaning method by carpet manufacturers is steam cleaning. It is a fact that some manufacturers requires yearly steam cleaning of your carpeting to honor your warrantee for the carpet. This method is by far the best way to get your carpets cleaned.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

High Heat

Hot water is a key component for any effective cleaning process. We use a truck mounted steam cleaning machine were water reaches a temperature of 230°! As you can see we use steam which is well above the 212° boiling point of water.

The high temperature steam emulsifies dirt, soil, food, and grease. The carpet is also sanitized at the same time due to the high temperature of the steam.

High Powered Vacuum Extraction

We use a very high-powered vacuum system to extract water from your carpeting. The process of steam cleaning does not saturate with water, which is a common misconception. The fact is the most of the steam dissipates and evaporates. The remaining steam that cools and condenses back to a liquid state is effectively extracted by our truck mounted high-powered vacuum suction system.

Environmentally Safe

There is nothing as natural as water. Our steam cleaning simply heats the water until it turns to a vapor which is delivered to your carpet to remove dirt, soil, detergents from CHEMicle-DRY systems (That doesn't sound eco-friendly).

Ask yourself is the process of using water in the form of steam that neutralizes odors, kills bacteria, and disinfects your carpet that most logical choice in cleaning your carpets.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

If you have limited time to have your carpeting steam cleaned and dried then having us use the encapsulation carpet cleaning method may make since. This method of cleaning uses a spray-on solution that dissolves soil and then holds it in suspension. A rotary scrubber is used to agitate the fibers of the carpet and breaks the encapsulated dirt and soil to be removed while vacuuming.

Encapsulation provides a good appearance, fast production rates and high resistance to wicking. This is a great option for general maintenance cleaning in commercial carpet cleaning. However, for deep cleaning, hot-water extraction is still the preferred method.

Encapsulation Cleaning Process

Step 1

Dry Soil Recovery

Just as with any cleaning project, we remove the bulk of dirt, soil, and debris with a picking up large objects and giving the carpet a good vacuuming. We slowly and methodically vacuum the carpet to remove the bulk of soil in the carpet padding, carpet backing, and the carpet fibers. We pay special attention to high traffic areas and areas that are notably soiled.

Step 2

Applying The Encapsulation Solution

The encapsulation solution can be used as a pre-spray and/or applied during the scrubbing process. The solution emulsifies soil and then hold it in suspension for extraction during vacuuming. The solution is effective on a wide range of soils, contaminants, and residual detergents from past carpet cleanings. The encapsulation mixture is able to handle most all commercial cleaning situations. The polymeric based detergent absorbs oils, sticky sugars, and soil. The fluoro-chemical in the solution helps resist re-soiling after the cleaning.

Step 3

Scrubbing the Carpet

To distribute the solution into the whole pile of the carpet and backing we use a rotary scrubber to distribute the mixture on wet passes and agitate and release the encapsulated soil on dry passes. Regular vacuuming is required the next day to remove the encapsulated soil crystals. With normal vacuuming cleaning more and more of the encapsulated soil will be extracted.

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